Excessive Sweating


a new safe outpatient treatment for hyperhdrosis (excessive sweating) by numbing the skin with a local anesthetic and heating the sweat glands through a tiny rod underneath the skin. This is an excellent alternative to surgery and Botox and highly reliable and lasts for several years.


A uniquely-targeted minimally-invasive laser that safely coagulate and destroy the soft tissue of the underarms which contains the sweat glands. This one-time procedure is currently touted as the future of axillary hyperhdirosis treatment.


Imagine a sweat-free underarms sans that use of deodorants and ati-perpirants. This widely-used PFA-approved procedure is a favorite stop-sweat procedure for young and old alike and last between 7-12 months.


an alternative brand to the price-conscious individual in the treatment of excessive sweating. Dysport has slowly but effectively made its mark in the reduction of underarm sweating. A simple 5-10 minute procedure is all it takes to say bye-bye to excessive underarm sweating.